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Sharon A Winningham is an Unconditional Loving Life Coach who has a private practice teaching and coaching people from all over the world applying the life changing principles of Unconditional Love. Sharon does private one on one coaching, interventions and retreats. Sharon has been coaching, training and facilitating Loving Groups since 2005. Her practice includes personal and group sessions specializing in conflict resolution, marriage, parenting, workplace issues, depression, addictions, dating, anger, and teens. She teaches classes and workshops in all areas of relationships. Sharon is the Director/Founder of a 501(c) 3 Corp. non-profit. An expert in the field of unconditional love, she brings years of life experience and a passion that shines through in a very direct and meaningful way. Sharon is in a course of study to become a Practitioner of Religious Science (SOM) at New Vision Center in Phoenix.

Forgiveness takes love! 

Hard to give what you don't have, right?  

If I told you that the pain of being wronged doesn't have to hurt so much, would you believe me? Maybe not. But would you like to believe me? I promise you that if you are willing to explore the territory of forgiveness, you will feel a lessening of that dull, constant pain. You will notice the anger and bitterness that clutch at your heart dissolve. That shell around yourself: it's supposed to protect you, but, really, doesn't it keep joy out and anger in? Forgiveness makes you powerful because it frees you from what other people do and have done. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It's true, forgiveness isn't always easy to achieve. Probably you've tried, but the dragons of anger keep breathing fire, or injustice torments you. The trick to forgiveness is not to force it into existence with an act of will. Forgiveness is an act of grace--and grace can only flow into an open heart.  We can help you get there.  

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Sharon A. Winningham is an Unconditional Loving Life Coach (ULLC) providing private coaching programs for people looking for additional help.

She lives with her life partner, David Clark who is the Operations Manager for the Loving Groups Community.

Along with her son, Shane, daughter-in-law, Raekel, and their daughter Madison, they are a family who lives the principles of Unconditional Love and believe in the awesome power of loving principles. Sharon is the Director of Loving Groups nationally and the Founder of Loving Groups, the Non-profit 501(c)3 that began in Phoenix, AZ in 2005. The Loving Groups are expanding in the cities of Dallas, Kona, Kentucky and Houston, Boulder/Denver, ST. Louis, MO., Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis.

Loving Groups certifies and trains hosts to run Loving Groups.

She has a proven track record of helping 100's of loved ones find peace, happiness and love in their lives.

Sharon specializes in: conflict resolution, marriage, parenting, workplace, depression, addictions, dating, anger, teens, PTSD, and PCSD.

Sharon Winningham
16641 N 19th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85022
[email protected]